MotorMate for Yamaha Outboards

Protect your investment in an outboard motor while towing a boat on the highway and off-road. MotorMate keeps the outboard motor from bouncing and jostling that may inflict collateral damage to the engine’s steering cables, hydraulic lines, housing and finishing. An outboard motor is a major investment and protecting it while towing to and from the water is a top priority.



Made in the USA GraphicTow With Confidence

  • Protects your investment during towing
  • Prevents damage to the steering system
  • Marine Grade stainless steel components
  • High impact nylon endcaps
  • Available for most outboard motors
  • Lifetime Warranty


Model Engine Model Description Yoke (A) Transom (B)
10-300-SS YAMAHA
4-stroke, 115-175hp through 2015
w/ Stainless Steel Brackets
4 3/4″ 8 1/4″ BUY
4-stroke, 90hp w/ Stainless Steel Brackets
4″ 8 1/4″ BUY
4-stroke, 70hp w/ Stainless Steel Brackets
2″ 7 5/8″ BUY
4-stroke, 60hp w/ Stainless Steel Brackets
3 7/8″ 7 5/8″ BUY
10-301-SS YAMAHA
2-stroke, 115-175hp w/ Stainless Steel Brackets
3 3/4″ 8 1/4″ BUY
10-302-SS YAMAHA- Top Seller
2-stroke, 200-250hp w/ Stainless Steel
Brackets (excluding yrs 2000-2004)
6″ 8 1/4″ BUY
10-303 SHO-SS YAMAHA – Top Seller
4-stroke, 200-250hp SHO
w/ Stainless Steel Brackets (20″ transom only)
5 7/8″ 7 3/4″ BUY
4-stroke, 150-175hp SHO
w/ Stainless Steel Brackets (20″ transom only)
4 3/4″ 7 3/4″ BUY
4-stroke, 115hp SHO
w/ Stainless Steel Brackets (20″ transom only)
4 3/4″ 7 3/4″ BUY

The MotorMate will not work on motors with a 25″ shaft. Please confirm before ordering.

Don’t see your motor or have questions? Call or email our Customer Service at (844) 668-6768 or and we can help!

Check Your Measurements

measurement-drawingIt is necessary to confirm the spacing of the contact points on right.

The motor yoke spacing is the Center to Center distance between the motor contact points securing the MotorMate to the motor drive shaft housing. Reference Image A.

The Yamaha transom mount spacing is measured between the outside edges of the stern brackets. Reference Image B.

Simple instructions for selecting the proper motor for your Yamaha

Yamaha Mounting Bracket Information: Installation

MotorMate has several brackets that are used with Yamaha motors. It is important that the correct bracket be used. The Yamaha bracket template is to be used to test fit the Yamaha bracket. Before ordering a MotorMate, print off the sheet and follow the instructions.

Yamaha Mounting Bracket Template

Contact MotorMate if the template does not fit your Yamaha.

View our Yamaha installation instructions