Jimmy Houston MotorMate

Now available in red!

Tow With Confidence

The MotorMate locking system fits most Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury and Yamaha outboard motors. The MotorMate can be mistaken for a transom saver, motor toter, or swivel bar but in fact it is an outboard motor locking system. MotorMate is the single best way to protect an outboard motor transom, steering cables and hydraulics during transport of a boat and outboard motor.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment in an outboard motor while towing a boat on the highway and off-road. MotorMate keeps the outboard motor from bouncing and jostling that may inflict collateral damage to the engine’s steering cables, hydraulic lines, housing and finishing. An outboard motor is a major investment and protecting it while towing to and from the water is a top priority. The MotorMate locking system locks the outboard motor in place preventing costly damage to the steering system and excess torque on the transom. MotorMate also releases the pressure on the hydraulic system.

Choose Your Motor

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