Be in the Know

How do I know which MotorMate I need?

Taking center to center measurements is the number one method of determining the correct MotorMate for your motor. Use our Select Your MotorMate page to learn how. If you’re still not clear on the model you need we can assist you in selecting a MotorMate over the phone or with pictures through email. Contact Us.

What are center-to-center measurements?

Center-to-center measurements are used to determine the spacing of the two sets of contact points between the point where the MotorMate connects to your transom and where it secures your engine. The first set of center-to-center measurements are the exposed bolts on the engine and the second is the spacing between the brackets on the transom side. Watch this demo video and take a look at our Select Your MotorMate page for instructions.

Why isn’t there a MotorMate that fits my motor?

We may have an eligible MotorMate if your model is not listed. Double check our model selection instructions, then take your measurements and compare them to those listed on the chart to see if your center-to-center measurements fit an available model. If you don’t find a match, please call or email us to add your motor to our development list and we will notify you when that model is available.

Do you have a MotorMate for “XYZ” style of motor?

Please confirm you have exposed bolts on your motor for the MotorMate to make contact. Take measurements for the center-to-center distance of the bolts and the location the MotorMate secures to on the transom side. More information can be found on our Select Your MotorMate page.

When will I receive my MotorMate?

We strive for no later than next day shipping for MotorMates. However, shipping time depends on the distance the product will be shipped. Individual MotorMates are shipped though the US Postal service. See the map of expected shipping times on this page.

How do I install my MotorMate?

Your MotorMate comes with complete installation instructions. You can find these instructions, as well as installation videos, on our Install Your MotorMate page.

Does MotorMate offer a veteran’s discount?

Yes! We proudly offer 10% off + Free Shipping (a $13 value) to US Military veterans. Call MotorMate Customer Service to place your order and receive your discount.

Expected Shipping Times

MotorMate Shipping Time Estimate Map