Customer’s Reviews About Their MotorMate Experience

Jimmy Houston

Jimmy Houston MotorMate“This new rocking red MotorMate is going on my new Shell Rotella Ranger 521c! Have a chartreuse MotorMate on my Quaker State 521c Ranger! Pure protection for my boat and my 250 Mercs! Wouldn’t run without MotorMate!”

Jimmy Houston MotorMate








Thanks! I have a 16 z521 with a mercury 250 pro XS. I absolutely love the product! Had the same one for at least 3 years. No issues what so ever. It’s the best way to keep your investment safe. I tow 30 to 40,000 miles a year all over the country fishing the FLW tour, FLW series and the northern and southern divisions of the BASS opens and I trust my motormate every single mile. I used to tow with the long transom saver that connected to the trailer. What a pain.

JT Kenney from Florida – FLW Tour Professional

Hey Jon, the MotorMate has worked amazing for me over the years. I did have to let it go on my last boat. Very easy to use and I don’t have to crawl around like I did with a traditional motor toter. I definitely could use one for the boat I’ll be using at the classic. It’s an Xpress X21 with a Yamaha SHO 250. Thanks for touching base with me!

Skylar Hamilton – BASS Elite Series Tour Professional

Best thing since sliced bread

Timmy Horton – BASS Elite Series Tour Professional

Absolutely love my Motormate!!!

Dave Lefebre – BASS Elite Tour Series Professional

You guys make an awesome product!

Brad Knight – FLW Tour Professinal

You may recall I ordered a Motor Mate from you and got it sent to Australia. I absolutely love it and now that my dad has seen it, he wants one too.

Greg Ralph from Australia

I just want to say a big thank you to all you great people at for the great accessory security add-on for 115 mercury optimax outboard. I don’t know how I did without it in the past, I feel just so much better knowing that there is nothing going on the backend of my champion bass boat while heading to the fishing hole. Thanks a million.

Perry Matherne from Galliano, LA

Thank you very much with you kind assistance in acquiring a MotorMate for our new boat. It has performed flawlessly. Unfortunately, the fish have not responded in like manner.

Gary Sullivan in Louisiana

Just thought you all would like to know that I put your Motor Mate to the test on 7-27-2014 and it PASSED! While returning from a crappie fishing trip, I had a blow out on my boat trailer that caused my boat trailer to leave the highway and the location was where the shoulder of the road dropped off about 10 feet. My trailer started to come around beside truck thus causing trailer to start to cross up in highway and at that point the trailer & boat came up to a driveway and hit the culvert that was under the driveway and then the boat went airborne. The boat flipped a number of times (don’t know how many) because when the boat came to rest on side of highway, it was separated from trailer and had road rash on bottom, both sides and one side caved in and the motor had slammed down on the pavement also.
After all was settled and we went to move the boat out of the highway, I went to boat motor and raised it off of the Motor Mate so that it wouldn’t damage the foot any more than it was, and yes I said (I had to raise motor off of Motor Mate) because it was still in place and holding tight. Upon further inspection of the Motor Mate, I found that the only damage that I could see was the cups on where it connects to motor were slightly damaged. Other than that it appeared to be good to go. Thus, when I found another boat, I called Motor Mate and ordered another one for the motor that is coming on new boat. I feel this is the best product of its kind there is out there.

Larry in Mississippi

I would like to let you know that your product is first rate all the way! I am glad to see that there is still an American company that cares about producing a quality product.

Glenn Helley

Just gotta say I love my Motormate! It holds my motor rock solid. I was just blown away by how quickly I received it. I don’t know how you guys got it to me so fast. I ordered it one day and literally two days later it shows up on my step in MN.

Luke Rosten

Really appreciate the hospitality and communication, truly a pleasure talking and doing business with! Great product,sure beats the old transom savers, you think I’m rough on your product, I can’t count how many aluminium ones I went through. I can pretty much destroy anything you put in front off me! Haha! I hope you put a bill for me in that package. Thanks again!

Kasey Summers

Just received my Motormate for my 70 hp Yamaha. It was as advertised. Took only 5 minutes to install and the first time out traveled great. I’m a happy camper in that I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks,

Colonel (Retired) M.L. Handy

Just wanted to let you know what a great product the motor mate is, wish i would have bought one years ago.

Johnny Helems